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Peekaboo FZCO

Peekaboo FZCO is a company incorporated in 2021, Formed pursuant to law No.2 of 1996 with limited liability. This platform is licensed for e-commerce in children’s toys, educational Resources and stationary by Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) Licence No.4757. .

Our Energy and Passion

The Peekaboo concept was developed through the energy and passion of a team of child development and educational specialists with many years of experience in education. Paying close attention to childhood screentime realities and the needs of children at different stage of development, the Peekaboo team looked at the skills and sensory progress children must make to develop their minds, to innovative and create.

The Questions That Guided Us

Do children really need lots of instructions? What if a child’s innovation came about through the manipulation of simple tools and objects, using their rich imagination? Do children always need to play with others? What if they have already enjoyed playing with and challenging their family and friends? What if they found something that enabled them to enjoy playing independently, using their own, very rich language? These and many other questions we answered through the ideas that fill Peekaboo boxes.

It’s For You To every one of our friends who has selected a Peekaboo box, we say, “Yes, it is for you!”

It is not just a toy for you to buy and own. Rather, it is a box carefully packaged to stimulate your senses. Nor is it just an activity for you to fill your time. Rather, it is a box carefully packages to develop your skills. Yes, it is designed for your age. But it also empowers you to choose how to challenge yourself. The contents may be uncertain, or they may be very specific and obvious. Whatever the case, the Peekaboo box always brings together a range of concepts under the umbrella of a simple principle: you can play with it and innovate with it, but you will always find it enjoyable, colourful, of high quality and safe. With Peekaboo you can spend time with yourself, with your friends or with your family. Peekaboo…I see you. It is designed for you.

Our Promise To You

Because each Peekaboo box has its own name and unique characteristics, we promise you it will never be repeated! There will always be a new box, with a new name and new features, designed to meet the needs of children to grow through playing and learning. And while young children grow up, we promise you that we will not: We will always be part of your world. But we will grow and develop with you to fulfil our mission: to bring you more Peekaboo boxes and to connect with you in as many different ways as possible.

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